Freeing Up Your Time When Building Backlinks

creating backlinksToday’s business activities have been made simple, thanks to the availability of Internet services. Entrepreneurs are now capable of marketing their products and services at minimal costs while making impressive returns. This is attributed to a system known as backlinking. It is a technique used to drive web traffic to your site to ensure its visibility, hence increasing visitors.

Backlinks have enabled most entrepreneurs to concentrate on other equally important tasks. It works by enticing people to the site thus resulting in sales. However, the entrepreneur must be willing to invest some funds towards its success. This involves finding the right person to monitor every progress in the deal. This ensures that your site is updated and conforms to the latest trends.

Many people who get involved in SEO, start doing everything themselves. At the very beginning they have little budget so they invest into automated tools. The ever-changing and developing technology has made it possible for you to free up your time by embracing automated tools to drive build backlinks to your website. This ensures that you have enough time to concentrate on coming up with innovative ways to make your site attractive. Automated tools are important since they give you time off the internet. The only negative side is that people misuse them by creating spammy and thin profiles on authority websites.

There are few different kinds of automated backlinking tools on the market. The first type of tool is custom made to support a handful of high authority sites which is perfect for building and managing high quality backlinks. The other type supports many sites built on popular website platforms which is perfect for building large amount of links.

Basically these software automates registration and content submission to ten, hundreds or even thousands of websites without having you doing all the work manually which would take days if not weeks.  The biggest downside of these tools is the time required to set them up properly. Be careful when choosing a tool. Make sure that creator still updates it often so your money don’t go down the drain. It is important because websites always change their registration and content submission forms, so if software is not updated often enough, you simply won’t be able to create any links!

The biggest downside of these tools is the time required to set them up properly. Be careful when choosing a tool. Make sure that creator still updates it often so your money don’t go down the drain. It is important because websites always change their registration and content submission forms, so if software is not updated often enough, you simply won’t be able to create any links!

Many entrepreneurs and businesses get involved in outsourcing as their business grows. Outsourcing backlinking services is of great importance to established entrepreneurs who own multiple websites because it ensures that the work is done by highly qualified professionals. The entrepreneur will be able to maneuver through the ever-competitive business environment. Secondly, by outsourcing, the entrepreneur has ample time to manage other affairs of the business such as finances. Outsourcing is very suitable for SEO businesses since it leads to enlightenment about the existence of the sites by creating by powerful and unique search words known as keywords. Similarly, the returns generated can meet the operational costs of the outsourced staff. A good place to start looking for outsources is

In as much as outsourcing and backlinking are important aspects of online business, getting and training the right candidate remains a challenge because it involves commitment to financial resources towards the program. Similarly, the candidate may be dishonest and end up marketing the competitors’ products instead of yours. In order to address this challenge, the right candidate can only be found thorough vetting. Once the right candidate is found and trained, the skills are applied to ensure that there is a constant flow of traffic to the intended site. This ensures profitability in the long run.

Website Essentials For Business Owners

websites around the globeMany businesses are unknowingly missing out on sales. Traditional methods of advertising are not as effective. Some business owners continue to purchase advertising that is not effective, out of sheer desperation. Dwindling or stagnant sales often leads business owners to seek other ways to increase their sales. Here are a few essentials for putting together a website for business.

Creating A Website

Consumers are often more proactive about finding what they want. Putting a website together is not always easy. It is common to over think what should be put within the pages of the website. Having a few well constructed pages is better than an elaborate website that is not effective. The easiest way is to create website on WordPress (what we used on this website).

Managing On-Page SEO

Creating on-page SEO is one way to bring interested customers to the website. Search engine optimization uses words and phrases that people look for online each day. These words often describe a single product, problem, or involve words that indicate that a purchase will shortly be made. Many people are looking for certain information about products or services from the comfort of their homes, or while on the go. Having a website optimized for mobile users, is one way to avoid losing potential customers due to the page loading improperly on their mobile device.

Building Links AKA Off-Page SEO

There are many ways to build continuous steady traffic and be seen as an authoritative site through off-page SEO backlinks. Having high quality links back to the website main page, product specific pages, or to shopping portals is important. Pages can be created by having articles, press releases, product reviews, and product information pages created. When people are searching for information they often find the off-page content that leads to the main site. New content can be created and repurposed so that it is informative and beneficial. Backlinks are a great way to boost website rankings.

There are many ways to create backlinks. Most of them are classified as white-hat or black-hat but such thing as grey-hat links also exists. Basically backlinks are links to your website from other sites around the internet. There are few ways that backlinks get created. First is organic way which means people find your website and link to it because you provide good and useful content. The other way is to create links yourself, which means you go to different websites and create or ask for links. There are also a number of software programs like SocialADR (by far one of our favourite tools, click and see the review) that can help you to create links or services like SubmitEdgeSEO (we love them!) that can help you with the tasks of building quality links.

Social Media Engagement

Social media involvement does not have to always be done on a daily basis. Consistent updates are one way to keep a positive discussion going at all times online. Consumers that are interested in the product or services often will frequent social media pages while thinking about making a purchase or patronizing a business.

Consumers who spend time each week on social media, often want to voice their opinions. Pictures, videos, and short pieces of content can be created in advance to be shared on social media sites. Special sales for holidays or fundraisers to support special causes can be advertised via social media.

More Things To Consider…

Always consider the consequences of effective advertising. Companies on shoe string budgets with consistent advertising on free and paid sites can increase their online web traffic. This increase of traffic requires having a server that will not crash when usage increases. Knowing that the website loading speed is adequate for traditional web users and for those on mobile devices is important.

New webmasters who create a SEO focused page once a month or once a week will have consistent results. Take action on these tips when building a website alone or with a team of professionals.

Monitoring Your Website Uptime The Right Way

uptime monitoringThe term “uptime” refers to the time period that web servers are operational. Typically, this is displayed in percentage form, such as “99.5% uptime”. Website uptime is an accurate way of determining how well your hosting company runs its’ systems. If a company has a good uptime percentage, it indicates that their servers are reliable. Therefore, if you host a website with them, it should stay running smoothly. Needless to say, uptime is crucial, because websites cannot take customer orders when they are down.

There are many things that can hinder the normal functionality of websites, like broken links, faulty code and incompatibility issues. Fortunately, there is a wide range of website tracking software on the market. Many webmasters start with a free service, such as Google Docs API. Then, once their businesses start to grow, they switch to a real time, managed monitoring service. Your monitoring service company will send you regular reports, to display your website status. The company will resolve any problems highlighted on the reports immediately. Different levels of support are offered, based on your subscription fee.

There are a few things you can do to reduce the probability that your website will experience downtime. If you own an ecommerce website, ensure that you use a hosting company with a good reputation. It is easy for these companies to advertise uptime percentages of 99.9%. However, this does not mean that they will actually provide this.

Even if a hosting company guarantees a certain uptime percentage, this does not really count for much. Most companies will only pay you low compensation amounts, if your website is not operational for as long as they claim. Moreover, it is difficult for you to know whether your hosting company has honoured its’ uptime promise. Invariably, these companies do not openly admit that they have failed to live up to their claims.

Ideally, it is best to use a comprehensive website tracking service, which sends you alerts via SMS and telephone, as well as by email. Sometimes, your email may go down at the same time as your website. Therefore, if this happens, you will be aware of the problem and can take action to rectify it.

Google penalizes websites in their search engine results, if they are slow to load and produce a poor user experience. If your business lacks online visibility, because your site is down, you forfeit trust, authority, customer engagement and profit. In just seven hours of downtime, an ecommerce store can miss out on thousands of dollars worth of sales.

When choosing a provider to track your website uptime, it is wise to look for a company that monitors your website text at frequent intervals, for particular phrases or words. Sometimes, a website can appear to be running, when analyzed by certain monitoring tools. However, if specific loading problems are experienced, users will not be able to access the site. Often, this happens with WordPress websites, when there are PHP header errors. Although the website will respond to some checks, the majority of the website will not load, so a message should be sent to say that the website is down. Therefore, there is a difference between ping testing a site for availability, compared to analyzing the page for words/phrases to ensure that it is really online.

If your website tracking company contacts you in the small hours of the morning, to say that your site is down, you will need to have failover support. This will allow you to redirect the traffic coming to your website to a different IP address. Once your website is operational again, your website will be moved back to your main host. This ensures that your website visitors (and profits) are not impacted when your main host experiences problems.

Regardless of whether you have an offline or online business, a good image for your company is crucial. Therefore, you should take proactive measures to protect your company brand. On the global online stage, your company image succeeds or fails on the degree of customer satisfaction. Regular downtime problems can destroy your company’s reputation. Tracking your website uptime is an effective way of preventing these avoidable obstacles, and protecting your company’s image.